Appreciate the little things in life

I am 37 years old and visually impaired and have RP (retinal degenerative disease) and cataracts but the symptoms were not evident until I was in my teenage years.

When I was growing up I would never stop to see a bird, observe the green of the country side or sit down to enjoy looking at a small lagoon in a park.

I would not feel joy closing my eyes and reliving a moment that I experienced days, weeks, months or even years  ago…

Today with less than 8% of total eye sight in my right eye and less than 6% of remaining sight in my left eye I wake up everyday thanking God for what I can experience, for whatever I can see even if it is little and more importantly I treasure, cherish and enjoy everything life and nature has to offer.

In my recent trip in 2010 to NY in the Fall, I spent every day at least an hour or two sitting down in a bench in a small park in Rahway, NJ just watching the water of a beautiful lagoon and the sun shining ab0ve it all.

I couldn’t see much of that but I certainly enjoyed those moments like I saw 20/20…

Those moments were captured by my small digital camera as I love taking pictures, I shoot from the heart!

So for any of you reading rightnow, please do not forget to appreciate and be grateful for the little things in life,

Don’t take things for granted, be aware of your sorroundings, ”smell the roses”,

smile at life and always remember to takecare of your

EYES with which you see the world because one day you may not see it with the same clarity with them BUT if you pay attention you may see much better with your heart when you lsoe your eyesight.

Being visually impaired has taught me a lot but I think appreciating those little things is what I find more valuable, is not what you see that counts but how you see and how you feel about it.

There are blind people that enjoy life more than many sighted and sighted that adore life more than many blind people.

But Life is precious and whether you can see or not,  reminding yourself everytime you take a walk to a park, to work, to school, anywhere and everywhere, of the beauty that life has will make you a HAPPIER AND BETTER HUMAN BEING.



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