Blind guy in NY Part 3: Day trip to Philadelphia

Tuesday, August 28, 2012 was an amazing day!
I went with my best friend and her fiancée by car from Keyport, NJ to Philadelphia, PA.
The car ride was about 2 hours and a half and we had the chance of walking around the center of Philly, using my cane Mr Magoo and with my friends help.

The streets of Philadelphia that Tuesday morning and early afternoon were not packed with people and was a very pleasant walk through a really nice city!

We went to the
Independence Hall, what a historical place!

Then to the
Liberty Bell Center
where I was able to touch the actual bell which is an American iconic symbol, thanks to a kind woman who worked there!
That was something few have the privilege to do!!!

Now I add here a brief explanation by Wikipedia of what the Liberty Bell is all about.
The Liberty Bell hangs in a glass-backed structure, with a brick, 18th century building with a steeple visible in the background.
Bell Chamber interior, Liberty Bell Center. Independence Hall is in the background, with the Centennial Bell visible in its steeple.

Inside the LBC, visitors pass through a number of exhibits about the bell before reaching the Liberty Bell itself. Due to security concerns following an attack on the bell by a visitor with a hammer in 2001, the bell is hung out of easy reach of visitors, who are no longer allowed to touch it, and all visitors undergo a security screening.[85]

Today, the Liberty Bell weighs 2,080 pounds (940 kg). Its metal is 70% copper and 25% tin, with the remainder consisting of lead, zinc, arsenic, gold and silver. It hangs from what is believed to be its original yoke, made from American elm.[86] While the crack in the bell appears to end at the abbreviation “Philada” in the last line of the inscription, that is merely the 19th century widened crack which was filed out in the hopes of allowing the bell to continue to ring; a hairline crack, extending through the bell to the inside continues generally right and gradually moving to the top of the bell, through the word “and” in “Pass and Stow”, then through the word “the” before the word “Assembly” in the second line of text, and through the letters “rty” in the word “Liberty” in the first line. The crack ends near the attachment with the yoke.[87]

Learn more about the Liberty Bell and the Liberty Bell Center at:

After that we went to eat lunch and I was eager to try for the first time ever the worlds famous cheesesteaks of Philadelphia!

So we went to the
Reading Terminal Market located at
51 North 12th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107,
Phone: (215) 922-2317

This food market is amazing, you have all types of food including all kinds of desserts, its amazing!!!
We ended up at the famous Italian place, Carmen’s where President Obama and other famous people have went to eat there through the years.
I had a super powerful cheesesteak with peppers, fried onions, fries and mayo and was so delicious!!!!!!!
I sat down in the counter, was alright seating but even if I was standing up would be ok with such exquisite food.
For dessert we went somewhere nearby where I had chocolate banana pie that was cool.

After that we went to drink a beer at the Hard Rock Café and I thought was a real nice place, have been in the NYC location and this was pretty good too with a big screen tv where they would show musical videos.
I had a Blue Moon beer and then we headed to the Wells Fargo Center to see Madonna in Concert.

The Wells Fargo Center was really cool, very modern, with a disabilities-friendly environment and elevators to get to your seats in the stadium.

This is where the Basketball team, the Philadelphia 76rs play at.
We waited a few hours to see Madonna, the concert was supposed to start at 8 but it started after 10pm and we had a Dutch DJ playing noisy sounds more than music and everyone was yelling at him “Go Home!“.
But although we were all tired and even a few people left angry and didn’t come back, we waited, me and my friends.

Around 10:30pm Madonna came in and she took control of the stage showing her professionality and even apologized for the delay saying this was the first date in the American Tour after doing the European Tour and many things had to be changed so the first show is hard.

I was far away from the stage and didn’t see Madonna face at all, they had big screens Tvs but still.
But I felt her presence, her talent, her personality, her SUPERSTAR energy and her voice was powerful and the music was good!
I was very impressed with the energy she has in her fifties now and people say her body is amazing too.

I am very happy I went to see her live and I will always remember this concert, the first one ever also with my cane Mr Magoo!

My recommendation for everyone who is visually impaired/partially sighted is to after the concert wait for a DVD release of the same concert and rent it or buy it and sit down very close to the screen and see what you can see, I was able to see videos on Youtube of this concert and saw her dancing and moving and the choreography, the stage, the dresses, all I missed in the concert.
I think is a beautiful experience to go listen to an artist, feel them and then see the concert in a screen and see the artist and get a totally different experience that way, that is if you can still see abit obviously.
The concert went for more than 2 hours and was really enjoyable.
I found the best song of the concert this new one, hope you like it, was recorded by someone during the same concert!

Founder, Low Vision Bureau
Director, Disabled Lifestyle

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