Blind in NY Part 1: Initial thoughts

Hi, this is Alvaro, I have Retinitis Pigmentosa, Cataracts and I have Anxiety.
My 4th trip to the United States just ended a few days ago, it was an amazing trip full of new experiences, made many new friends and even had the chance to “see”
Madonna in Concert, August 28th in Philadelphia!
I will describing in upcoming blog posts my adventures lived in NJ, NY and Philadelphia with my cane Mr Magoo
and my friends.
I will add some audio, video and pictures to help you re-live the whole trip with me.

Now that I have been back for a couple of weeks, the only thought that I have is of GRATTITUDE, grattitude to God, to my second family based in NY and NJ, all my new friends there and to the people in NJ, NY and Philadelphia that helped me in any given time.

Being visually impaired and more accurately legally blind as I am, means you need help sometimes, asking for help is very important and boy Americans, at least the ones I always find, do!

During this blog series I will share with all of you some hopefully useful tips when it comes to traveling abroad, especially if you come to the US, especially to NJ and NY, places I have visited now 4 times.

I spent 1 month and a week in the US and the memories and lessons learned will stay with me always, soon enough will be back to continue my adventures there and someday when the time is right I will move to the United States.

Also expect a lot of emotions from this blog, that’s ultimately Me, a 38 year old single guy who loves life, people and God.

Traveling from Colombia in South America to the US being legally blind could seem complicated but it is not, soon you will know why.

Stay tuned for my next blog post!

Low Vision Bureau.
Director, Disabled Lifestyle Project

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