Blind in NY Part 2: Arrival in New Jersey

First thing I did when I arrived at El Dorado Airport, in Bogota to take the plane that would get me to NJ was to
Find the United Airlines Counter to tell them I was visually impaired and needed assistance to get thru the airport and in the plane and then in Newark to have assistance and then coming back to Bogota, have assistance as well.
After doing that and I STRONGLY recommend you doing that if you feel anxious about the whole airport thing, I felt great because I felt I was safe during this whole trip.

The trip from Bogota to Newark is about 7 hours long, I had lunch on the plane and people were very nice to me because I choose to be very upfront about my disability and I make sure the airplane crew knows I am visually impaired and may need assistance and so I felt at home because people became aware of my visual impairment and would help me filling the paper we need to present at the Customs area at the airport. Also I was helped putting the table on in my seat so I could have lunch.
After eating the nice airhostess/fly attendant would help me remove the plastic plate and plastic glass from my table to put it in the garbage.
Luckily I also always have kind seat neightboors that help me place my bag where it belongs and help me bring it down when we arrive in our destination.

I suffer from Anxiety and although I love planes and airports since I have been legally blind I really feel traveling alone for me requires assistance not just because of my visual impairment but because I feel very anxious and need calmness.
This was my 3rd trip alone in a row to the United States and I love to travel!!!

I arrived at Newark Liberty Airport, in NJ on Sunday, August 26, 2012 after 4pm.

I went with the person that was assisting me thru immigration and all the areas you need to go to before getting the bag.

Then I waited outside for my best friend family to pick me up.
My best friend and her family have no disabilities but they are the kindest people who completely understand me.

When they arrived they saw me and I got into the car and went to where would become my home for most of the trip, a Retired community area located in Monroe Township.
That’s where my best friend mother lives and who was my host, my friend and who helped me sooo much during my stay.

Next blog will be focusing in my first activity, visiting Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Just a hint about this amazing Philly trip, I saw there the Queen of Music, Madonna!!!

Low Vision Bureau.
Director, Disabled Lifestyle Project

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