Blind in NY Part 4: Bon Jovi Restaurant (Soul Kitchen)

When I was growing up I had Bon Jovi as one of my favorite groups, they were rock but not heavy, they were tough but had amazing ballads, they were cool, so when my best friend told me Jon Bon Jovi the leading singer of Bon Jovi had a restaurant called SOUL KITCHEN in Red Bank, NJ where he lived and that she went once and liked it I was like “ok lets go!!!.”

We went with her fiancée and I am telling you is the best food and dessert I have had in some time.

But Soul Kitchen, Bon Jovi restaurant is not about the food, the drinks or desserts, they offer a small Menu items but exquisite food, but what matters at Bon Jovi restaurant is the beautiful work they do for the community because they donate the food for people in need in the NJ area.

Waiters and waitresses are volunteers that give their time to serve and customers can pay anything they choose for the meal and that money is donated to the poor in Red Bank.

The food is prepared by the personal Chef of Bon Jovi himself and please I recommend you to try the Coconut Pie I think is called, amazing, soft, creamy, delicate and delicious.

The atmosphere is very upbeat, I had a lady talk to me for over 20 minutes about God and Faith in the restaurant entrance because everyone is happy, generous and ready to help oneanother in there.

As Soul Kitchen is a small restaurant and is always jammedpacked there are like benches outside to wait for your turn to go in.

For my visual impairment the place is not so great as its real dark BUT when they offer their help at all times from the moment you arrive with your cane, defenetely I felt at home!!!!!!!!!!
I would love to go back next time I visit NY and NJ!!!!!

Low Vision Bureau

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