Blind women

I am visually impaired and never met a blind woman befote my trip to NY this past September, alter this trip i can say i met some blind women and all are very lively, passionate and honest, real wonderful people.

I had the opportunity to meet married blind women and others that are dating.
They all share the love for life and other people and they have hope for the future.

Blind women like non-blind women are mothers, wives, sisters, aunts, granmothers, girlfriends, friends, ultimately WOMEN, those amazing human beings that we, men, treasure so much and cant live without!

I can say that as a single guy who is visually impaired, the idea of getting involved in a relationship with a blind woman sounds appealing and like a good option, I never thought about it only because I never thought about it, I never met one and now I can say they are awesome and I feel we have obviously a lot in common so you never know.

I wanted to do a blog post about them because they deserve credit, they do a great job because women do a lot for society and add up a disability and they have to face more challenges but they keep on going and they are an example in our society.
Women with disabilities like men or children have so much love inside, always give people with disabilities a chance.
If you are blind, also be open to the possibility of dating a blind person, they rock!!!
Very soon will share some of the beautiful moments I spent with these lovely blind ladies.

Low Vision Bureau.
Director, Disabled Lifestyle Project

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