How visually impaired people see

This blog post is about how we, the visually impaired see.

I have to say that every visually impaired person see a bit different or very different from others, depending on factors like their eye disease, the degree of deterioration of that eye disease, if they have more than one eye disease or eye problem, etc…

Many sighted friends ask me all the time how do I see? And I always answer the same, that because of my Retinitis Pigmentosa and cataracts my eye sight is very limited. I tell them I see cloudy, blurry, very little accuracy and very unclear image of what I see.

In other words, I have a poor peripheral  vision, extremely poor central vision and what I can see I see it with no clarity and with little definition of objects or anything else I am seeing, for instance I cant see well a whole face, the eye color, the nose, the mouth, all is very hard to distinguish anymore, all comes to my damaged retina very cloudy and with little definition.

When it comes to colors, I cant distinguish most of them anymore either, white from yellow, blue from green or grey, black from dark blue, green from grey, etc…

As an anecdote when I need to take a cab I cant no longer see if the car coming my way is a cab or a regular car because I mix up white with yellow.

At night I suffer from total night blindness which pretty much means I don’t see almost anything at night with the exception of  big colorful commercial ads or the reflect of the lights of the street or cars.

I cant see too much in a movie,  I am not a fan of action movies now, I prefer dramas, they make me think and the action is not so fast so my eyes don’t need to go from right to left and left to right trying to find whats going on, I also love romantic movies and horror movies although the action is usually at night and I miss many details but still like them a lot.
When the movie happens all during the day is easier
but I cant distinguish most actors in a movie so I have to rely on my hearing to pick up if I recognize the characters voice.
I hear good things about  DESCRIPTIVE MOVIES and hope it gets more global and available to all of us.

In sports I cant follow any sport that uses a ball as I cant follow it, yes I can listen to the sport but watch it is not so fun as don’t see things.
(COMING SOON)Here is a video that shows a little bit of how visually impaired can see.

Low Vision Bureau

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