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Welcome to the Low Vision Bureau Official Blog!!!

My name is Alvaro and for me it’s a pleasure to welcome you to what I call “My Baby” that is Low Vision Bureau.
I am 36 years old. I have Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) and cataracts which makes me a low vision person.
I have a cane called “Mr Magoo” that I bought recently in New York City and that has been a wonderful help for me.
I love so much my cane that my Facebook profile is:

I run an Online Radio show (Audio Podcast) called “HOPETALK” that focus on life, morals and values and low vision people and that from April, 2011 ahead will focus on everything related to Low Vision Bureau. You can listen to Hopetalk here: http://lowvisionbureau.podomatic.com

Low Vision Bureau’s idea began 10 years ago or so when I thought about doing something for the low vision community but I had too many things in my life going on that was impossible. But it came back to me when I was in New Jersey in November, 2010 and I was talking to my best friend, Kerry and she was asking me about my dreams and hopes for the low vision community.
She was the one that made me realize how much I wanted and needed to do something for my community, something to empower us all and make us all prouder of who we are and our qualities.

So I started making calls and explaining to people what I wanted to accomplish and they were all very receptive and have many people now involved with this Project. I am so happy that my ideas have had an echo in the low vision community all across the United States and have people onboard to help me develope everything.

My dream of over a decade is becoming a reality and I am glad people like the main goals I had in mind.

So if you live anywhere in the US and have low vision or knows of someone who has low vision, any kind of eye disease like Age related macular degeneration, Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), cataracts, Ushers Syndrome, Glaucoma or any other eye disease, please let us know and we will inform you of everything we are doing and are going to do to help empower you as an individual.

You can email us for now at: lowvisionbureau@gmail.com

Thank you so much for reading our blog, I know I speak in the name of everyone here at Low Vision Bureau when I say we all are very excited to be doing this, for me it’s a “calling”, I could never do this project alone obviously and found the right people to join me in this journey that I am sure will be very successful and inspiring to many people all across America.
Once we are accomplishing our goals in the United States we will do the same in Canada, Uk, South America and all over the world.

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3 Responses to Low Vision Bureau

  1. John says:

    Hi Alvaro :)

    Ive been following your Radio Show for months and now I’ll follow your project Low Vision Bureau.

    I hope the people who you’ve chosen are as dedicated as you are.

    Good luck with everything!

    • LowVision says:

      Thank you John for your interest in Low Vision Bureau. I guarantee you that my team its going to be as dedicated as I am. There are many projects and new ideas in the oven, almost ready to come out, just waiting for a bit of polishing.

      I’ll keep you and the other Low Vision Bureau readers updated.

  2. Imarmawef says:

    Good morning, thx for the blog post

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