Offline GPS System for the visually impaired get oriented

This system works for iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Windows phones…

I am legally blind and have an iPhone 4S which is a wonderful device for anyone but an amazing one for a person with my very limited eyesight.
I am planning what will be my 3rd trip alone from South America to the US and I have my cane, Mr Magoo but I was wondering if I could have a GPS kind of system for getting oriented in any neighboorhood
Not needing an Internet connection.
Then I started playing around with my apps, some GPS apps are complex to use, some non-accessible and others just work in major cities or need 3G, 4G or Wi-fi, meaning need Internet connection.
But then I found Pedometer, an app I have had for months and have the paid version that went free once through the great AppsGoneFree application.
I opened Pedometer and its fairly accessible, basically is an app that can work Offline and counts your steps, now tried it and its really cool, if you walk for a few minutes will count I would say close to 90% accuracy if you walk with the same rhythm and pace.
So now I just needed a way of taking notes and used AccessNote app although you can use the Notes app that comes with the iPhone and is FREE.
Then in my house I started to walk from my room to the living room counting my steps on my mind and while Pedometer was working, at the end of the walk back and fourth the steps count difference were 7 so is pretty ok.
So this is my idea for my trip next year when I feel like walking in any neighborhood I may be in.
Start the Pedometer app and start walking from the house to the corner, the whole block, when I get to the corner and my sight still allows me to find out if I am in the corner of a street or not, I can tap the screen on Pedometer and hear how many steps I have walked more or less, then write down the route I am doing and the number of steps on any Note app or use any audio recording app and continue my route, if I do this during my walk every corner I take typing or recording with voice the directions, next time I want to go there I can just start walking with Pedometer app on and listen to the route I entered and be fairly ok!
Picture this, you are in your house and need to go to the train station, if you make a route the way I told you next time you need to take the train or bus you will have your iPhone help you get there anxiety free!
Imagine this, 4pm in the afternoon, you are on a Sunday and at home stuck because you have no ride to the city, then you take your cane and your iPhone, go to the door and say “lets walk to the park like I did yesterday” then you open your audio memo or Note app and listen to the route you made with turn by turn directions.
Once this is open you also open Pedometer and start walking.

You then just by tapping the screen know how many steps you are taking, compare this with your notes and you know how far are you from a corner, the park entrance or a tree that you were able to see during your walk.

Using this system I can walk everyday to different areas and create my routes and next time I will have them stored on my iPhone.

I am not saying this method is perfect but for me knowing I will probably not have Internet access in all areas and need to be oriented plus you never know when Internet may go down for any reason, this system helps me to locate certain places and have a history of places on the go, also helps me use my remaining sight to help me find any point of reference.

I am very excited to have found a way to use my iPhone as a GPS Offline system and help me not depend on Internet connection.

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