Zoomtext tutorial and more…

Using a computer presents many challenges and obstacles when you are visually impaired.
But programs like ZOOMTEXT can help alot.

Before I talk alittle bit about this program just a thought, Zoomtext costs hundreds of dollars if not a thousand or so, unless you have someone to buy it for you or an organization to help you with the cost of it, you would have to buy it yourself somehow, so my question is why are tools for the visually impaired and blind SO EXPENSIVE?

A friend in my case bought me Zoomtext and Zoomtext having Retinitis Pigmentosa and Cataracts is a very important tool that helps me navigate my computer and the Internet much easier and faster than if I didn’t have it.

I start Zoomtext when I want to check my email or go to any website at all.
I also use Zoomtext to magnify anything on my screen for instance Skype program or a particular icon I cant see too well in their normal size.

Just two days ago I discovered a feature called COLOR, if you click on there and then it will open a small window and you can select Scheme and then choose the text color and background for the webpages you will view from then on.
Try playing with the color options that they have and will help you a lot!

I also have used it to help me read emails, or webpages although I admit sometimes these processes with my Windows XP machine can bring troubles to my computer, because Zoomtext is a real good program but like everything is not perfect and can be too heavy for some computers and can crash sometimes so don’t be surprised if that happens once in awhile but still is a very good tool.

Overall Zoomtext is one of the better programs for the visually impaired and blind and here there is a Tutorial I found Online that I hope you find useful:

I hope you find this blog post interesting and remember to share it with your friends and family.

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