Accessibility in public places

I decided to do an interview for my LVB Show with Dave Uhlman, who is a visually impaired guy from Ohio, because the work he does with his team is awesome and is something that helps the visually impaired and blind but also helps educate the sighted about our experiences when we go to a public place like a Museum, a Zoo, a Park…

Dave Uhlman is the Host and producer of the H&T (Hear and There) AUDIO MAGAZINE.
On his website he defines it this way:
“H&T is an adventure program that is centered on detailed descriptions. Many of the places we go are accessible for people with disabilities. We visit places all over the world.”

Here you can listen to the interview:

He has been helping Museums as a Consultant and he is raising awareness about the importance of accessibility for the visually impaired and blind in places in general.

Besides discussing his program we also talk about his life and thoughts.

You can reach Dave here:
Dave Ühlman
Accessibility Consultant

If you would like to subscribe to the H&T Podcast, use this link in your podcatcher or add it to your Favorites feed list.

Hope you enjoy this interview!
Low Vision Bureau

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