Acupuncture treatment for eye diseases

When I saw Online an acupuncture Center in the US that would treat Retinitis Pigmentosa and other eye diseases I became curious about it and sent them a message.
Their response was very kind and they accepted my invitation to be a guest on my LVB Show to raise awareness about their treatment.

This was my first ever interview to someone who actually has a treatment for RP, Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Stargardts and moreā€¦
In the upcoming months I will be interviewing anyone who has a treatment option for the visually impaired and blind so my listeners and readers can make a decission of whether or not get one of those treatments and see how it goes for them.
It has to be said that I strongly recommend anyone before choosing any treatment option to consult with your eye doctor and your family and research very well each and every option to see what can be good for you.

Dr Lizbeth Ryan is the Founder of the Arkansas Acupuncture Center.
She has been practising Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture for several years.

You can listen to the full interview by clicking below:

In this interview we discussed accommodation pricing, treatment pricing and what can be improved with this treatment in some cases, understanding that every person is different and attitude and your mindset are important things to take into account when expecting a good result from any treatment.

If you choose this or any treatment with total faith and belief and with a very positive attitude thinking this WILL WORK, chances are will work for you even if it is a little.
A healthy Nutrition and exercising are also important when doing this treatment.

We also talked about how this treatment works and she gave some examples of patients that had a good improvement in their eyesight thanks to this treatment.

I have to point out that on their website they have video testimonials of various types of eye diseases explaining what was their experience with this treatment.

Finally I have to say Dr Lizbeth Ryan comes across as a genuine human being, she is interested in helping the visually impaired and blind community in her area and she knows there are things to do to improve how we, the visually impaired live.

Dr Lizbeth Ryan thinks education and exposure of our needs are important and the number of visually impaired and blind people in the United States is counted IN MILLIONS so I am sure all Americans reading this agree you all deserve the same opportunities in life.

You can visit their website at:
And there you can fill out the contact form to get detailed information on their treatments.

Hope you enjoy this interesting interview.

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