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Since 2011, LVB Show Bilingual Podcast has been raising awareness about the ABILITIES of visually impaired and blind people from the United States and all around the world.
If you want to be on LVB Show, just email me telling me about you at:

Here is a list of all LVB Shows including all the English and Spanish shows:
Interview with the Half Blind Gamer

10 Things you can do on an Airplane flight with your iPhone

Interview with one of the owners of Oskar the Blind Cat

Interview with Rachelle Parslow from Out Of Step

Interview with blind Judo Champion, Scott Moore

Interview with reknown American blind musician, Kevin Kern

Interview with a team member of LookTel, the developers of LookTel Money Reader App for the iDevices

Interview with ArteContacto helping the visually impaired and blind access Art

Entrevista con ArteContacto

Interview with Bradford Folkens one of the Founders of TapTapSee and CamFind apps for the iPhone

Interview with Scott Davert from the AppleVis Editorial Team

Interview with Luke Sam Sowden

Entrevista con Francisco Crespo, un chico ciego de Argentina

Interview with NoSquint Dial App for iPhone Leading Development Team, George Sheety

Interview with Gus Chialkas from CCVIP at Baruch College

Entrevista con Serafin Zubiri, cantante famoso ciego que ha logrado de todo

Interview with Todd Purvis, one of 2 brothers who suffer from a rare eye disease called “Choroideremia” and they did a road trip across America

Interview with Robert J. Ott, a man who lost his sight in a matter of minutes and his life story is super INSPIRING

Interview with Richard Faubion, the Regional Director of Development for The Foundation Fighting Blindness talking here about the iPhone for the visually impaired and blind

Interview with Adrijana Prokopenko a blind teacher from Europe in Macedonia

Interview with BlindSquare App developer for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Interview with Carmen Swick, President of the Denver Chapter of The Foundation Fighting Blindness, a Mother of a visually impaired kid, successful writer and more…

Introduction to the iPhone for the visually impaired and blind

Interview with Jammin Joe Buck a visually impaired musician

Interview with Renee Rentmeester the Creator of Cooking Without Looking TV Show and President of World Vision Foundation

Entrevista con Marcelo, periodista Argentino con Enfermedad de Stargardt

Interview with Mark Ramnauth, a visually impaired guy who is a disabilities advocate and a businessman!

Entrevista con Natalia Misiti

Interview with Steven Simon, a sighted brown belt filmmaker producer of Feeling Judo, a documentary about blind athletes

Interview with Sales Manager of Dolphin Computer Access offering WINDOWS based programs and tools for the visually impaired and blind

Interview with Dr Gislin Dagnelie, leading RP Researcher

Entrevista con Ana esposa de veterano de Vietnam legalmente ciego

Interview with Daniel Kish, blind expert in Echolocation

Interview with blind Judo player Scott Moore

Entrevista con mama Colombiana con hijo con Sindrome de Usher

Entrevista con Stephanie Vazquez Latina invidente en USA

Interview with Danny Bohbot and her Mom about being a blind teen and much more…

Interview with Tommy Edison, the Blind Film Critic

Interview with blind industrial engineer student living in Saudi Arabia

Interview with Stephanie Vazquez a blind American woman

Interview with Dave Uhlman, Producer and Host of Hear and There Audio Magazine

Interview with a legally blind lawyer, Richard H. Bernstein Part 1

Interview with legally blind lawyer Richard H. Bernstein Part 2

Interview with founders, a couple, he is sighted, she is blind and they have amazing adventures in Colorado and across the US

Interview with April Lufriu a spokesperson for The Foundation Fighting Blindness

Interview with The Foundation Fighting Blindness

Interview with Cheryl Echevarria, the owner of Echevarria Travel, member of the National Federation of The Blind (NFB)

Interview with Low vision specialist

Interview with Sensei Devin Fernandez

Interview with the CEO of the South African National Council for the Blind

Interview with blind Spanish woman, Ania Miner

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