Scott Davert is a member of the Editorial Team of AppleVis, one of the leading Websites for Apple visually impaired and blind users worldwide.
For me having an iPhone has empowered my life, has given me independence and has become my Computer on the Go but with much more options than a regular computer like external magnifying tools and walking GPS options.
AppleVis provides an excellent resource for a visually impaired or blind Apple user, they have App reviews talking about accessibility and performance, an App Directory, a series of Podcasts talking about everything iOS and Mac related and a Forum where you can ask anything and some app developers also visit there to learn how to make their apps accessible.
AppleVis also does a Campaign of the Month thing where they raise awareness about something an app usually that needs to be more accessible, they love to spread the word out so things can improve for us all.
You can listen to the full interview here:

Visit AppleVis website at:

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