Blinkie Chicks

Ashley, Daria, Yessica and Ania are 4 young girls that share the passion for life, for helping others and for raising awareness about something else they have in common, they are all blind.
Being blind doesn’t mean the end of the world, doesn’t mean you have to feel depressed or down, doesn’t mean you must feel less than anyone else, if you don’t believe me, hear Ashley, Yessica and Daria talk!!!
Ania couldn’t make it for this interview but I have interviewed her in the past and she is welcome any time!
These girls are in college and have the character to make anything happen, they show the sighted and their fellow blind friends that the only limitations are the ones we put in our minds.

Listen to the full interview below:

Blinkie Chicks Contact Information:
Ashley, American 25-year-old UNCP student
Follow her on Twitter: @AshleyColeman51
Daria, American 24-year-old recent graduate of UNCP.
Follow her on Twitter: @LittleMzGiggles
Jessica, American 25-year-old UNCP student.
Follow her on Twitter: @YessieAnne
Ania Miner, 30 year old girl from Spain
Follow her on Twitter

Visit Blinkie Chicks Blog:

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