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I decided to interview Daniel Kish for my LVB Show because I was amazed by his talents and abilities and especially his attitude towards life.

Listen to the interview by clicking the PLAY BUTTON below:

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Daniel Kish, that’s a familiar name in the blind and visually impaired community.
He runs World Access For The Blind which is an organization that helps the blind all across the United States and all around the world.

Daniel Kish is a fascinating character so smart and honest that was a very enlighting interview.

Daniel Kish is an orientation and mobility specialist and he is helping blind children and people from all ages how to be independent and live a more richful life.

During this interview Daniel Kish explains how transportation works in California where he lives, also we discussed blind issues, independence and self orientation.

Daniel Kish has been a very independent blind person, but he also is ready to ask for help whenever he needs it.

In this LVB Show interview, Daniel Kish also explains when and how he decided to work with blind children and individuals in general and how that has impacted his life.

Daniel Kish also talks about ECHIOLOCATION
and he is a leading figure in this matter, Echolocation, “seeing with sound“ as he calls it.

Daniel Kish expertise in Echolocation has been picked up by international Media in the US and all around the world (BBC, Discovery Channel…).

This interview was so deep and covered so many subjects that I encourage all of you to listen to the whole interview and find out by yourself.

Hope you will share this interview with everyone you know, it’s a very inspiring interview.


Email; daniel.kish@worldaccessfortheblind.org

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