Digit-Eyes App for iDevices

Nancy Miracle is a very kind woman and one of the people behind Digit-Eyes App, an App that has a FREE version and a paid version, only 19.99 dollars on the App Store.
Digit-Eyes is a powerful app that works on the iPod Touch (version 5 and later), the iPad (all versions with autofocus cameras) and the iPhone (3Gs and all later models). It is set up so you can use it no matter how much sight you do or do not have.
It lets you make text or audio labels you can read with your iPhone.
It also lets you point your phone’s camera at a can or package or bottle or any other item and will scan and find the Barcode, Universal Product Code (UPC) or European Article Number and find out what’s in the can/package by automatically and instantly looking the item up in the Digit-Eyes product code database.
During this talk, Nancy Miracle makes a LIVE DEMONSTRATION of Digit-Eyes using her iPhone.
You will be amazed of how fast and accurately it works.
For anyone visually impaired or blind, I feel this app is a must-have for using in the kitchen or when going grocery shopping.
The technology of real-time recognition really fascinates me, the iPhone really shows its power with this kind of technology.
Also in this interview we discuss alittle the reasons why Digit-Eyes is not working on Android platform and why Android needs to improve more to allow developers to make apps for their platform, remember that many apps for the visually impaired and blind are exclusively made for iDevices for their standard rules and how they care about accessibility.
Here you can listen to the full interview:

Digit-Eyes Contact Information
Email: support@digit-eyes.com
Visit Digit-Eyes Website at:

LVB Show
Email: lowvisionbureau@gmail.com

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