Dolphin Computer Access

This is my first interview ever with a technology company and was a great interview.
Dolphin Computer Access delivers Windows based programs and tools for the visually impaired and blind.

Their headquarters are in the United Kingdom and they have offices in many areas including the United States.
Jeff Bazer, the Sales Manager in the U.S. is totally blind which gives us a sense of the commitment of this company with people with low vision and blindness.

Jeff Bazer is a wonderful example of the passion, drive and abilities of the blind, he feels the need of sharing the excitement of talking about technology for us visually impaired and blind.
During this interview we discuss all their basic products and PRICES!!!

You can listen to the full interview here:

Dolphin is a founder member of BATA – raising awareness and lobbying for the rights and interests of those needing assistive technology.

Dolphin has been named ‘one to watch’ in the Best Companies to Work for guide 2011, this guide is based on employee feedback.

On their website you can try any of their programs as a FREE TRIAL for 30 Days!!!
Visit their website at:

You can email Jeff Bazer for products details at:
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