Feeling Judo: A Blind athletes Documentary coming up…

I did this interview a few weeks ago and now I was able to post it and is very nice because here we have a sighted brown belt Judo player who is also a filmmaker and producer and…
He decided to produce a documentary about blind athletes showing the talents, abilities, qualities and capabilities of blind Judo players, talking about their lives and thoughts.

“Feeling Judo” is the name of the upcoming documentary he and his team are preparing.
They are being helped by the Blind Judo Foundation but they need also help from other organizations and regular people to get the funds necessary to travel across America finding those blind Judo players interested in telling their story.
So please visit their funds page and help them accomplish this great project:
Indiegogo fundraising platform link: http://www.indiegogo.com/feelingjudo

Vimeo link:

During this interview we discuss the importance of reaching out for eachother in the sighted-blind community where we need to educate more eachother and share more.

Listen to the interview here:

LVB Show
Email: lowvisionbureau@gmail.com

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