Ham/amateur radio for the visually impaired

Ham/Amateur radio is a great tool for the visually impaired and blind to communicate with eachother and the world.

This LVB Show interview with Eric Oyen, a 20 year experienced user of ham radio who is a totally blind guy from Arizona, talks about what is Ham radio, what it does, what kind of brands make Ham radios and what options does it have.
Here you can listen to the interview:

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Thru the interview he talks in detail about all the benefits for a blind person to become a ham radio user.

This interview focuses on ACCESSIBILITY for the blind IN HAM RADIO.

He also discusses prices of ham radio equipments, their features.
He also talks about what is the process of getting a ham radio and what you need to do to get a ham/amateur radio license.

We also discuss where to buy the equipment , the handheld devices and the others that are at home, and so much moreā€¦

Ham radio is an alternative way of communication if your phone and internet are down, for instance in natural disasters can be very handy and may be the only communication tool working in that kind of situation.

If you want to contact Eric you can email him at:

Hope you find this interview very useful.
Low Vision Bureau

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