Interview to woman with Retinitis Pigmentosa

This is a new LVB Show where i interview Amalina Hares, a woman with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) and she talks about her life with an eye disease but how life is great despite the eye disease she has.

I had some technical difficulties and so I decided to have her voice only and my voice is not in the recordng.

Here are the questions I asked and you can click the PLAY button and hear all her answers to my questions.
Just wait a minute after you click PLAY to hear the answers.

Please be patient as sometimes there will be silence and that’s when I am asking a question or making a small comment so just wait abit while she answers me.

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- What is Retinitis Pigmentosa?
- When were you diagnosed?
- How did the doctors brought you the news you had RP?
- How has RP changed you?
- How has your family and friends reacted to your disability?
- What kind of computer do you use?
- What cellphone do you use?
- Where do you live exactly and where do you study?
- Is it a challenge to go to college having RP?
- What kind of transportation system do you use? (Here I talked about my time in NY when I met a blind guy and we both were sitting down in the PennStation and people around us were sitting down far away from us and we felt a sense of isolation there, we could feel their fear and missunderstanding of our visual impairment and we need to change that and make us all be more united sharing more but for that we need to help educate the sighted community).
- How people act around you when you go out somewhere?
- How you see your job possibilities in the future?
- What would you say to anyone about RP?
- What keeps you going?
- What would you ask from world leaders or the sighted community in general?
- How is dating for you?
- Do you think relationships can be hard being visually impaired? (Here I say that I am optimistic we all will find someone who loves us and understands us and wants to be with su for who we are inside)
- Are you hopeful about a cure for Retinitis Pigmentosa?
AND then I say how she ahs a very nice name and I thank her for her time and for helping raise awareness about this eye disease.
- Then she gives her contact information if anyone wants to reach her.

Hope you like this blog and interview and hope its useful for you all.

Low Vision Bureau

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