Interview with Hap Holly Part 1

A dear friend of mine, Eric Oyen who is a great guy who happens to be blind and had been in Ham/Amateur radio for about two decades suggested me to reach out for Hap Holly, a blind man, very well known Ham Radio operator who has won the most prestigious prize in Ham radio, to see if he would like an interview for my LVB Show.

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Hap Holly was kind enough to agree to do an interview but he didn’t just agree to do an interview, he allowed me to ask not only questions about his famous show on Ham radio but about his life and his accomplishments, his thoughts on love,
music, his parents, work and so much more…

Hap Holly is the Founder/Producer of the RAIN Report
The Rain Report is a show he does and you can find more on his website or by listening to our interview.

Hap Holly is a fascinating character, I enjoyed a lot listening to his life story and anecdotes, you could see his decency, his morals and values, his dignity and defenetely his greats ense of humor and appreciation for life, his wife and people in general.

I felt like interviewing a very intelligent man and he really is one but also a very respectful and honst individual.

I encourage anyone from any age and any country to listen to this man, Hap Holly who gives us all a lot to think and gave during this amazing interview very useful tips on love, life and work for the visually impaired and blind.

You can reach Hap Holly this way:

Mr. Hap Holly, KC9RP
Founder/Producer the RAIN Report
Skype: hapholly

Hope you learn as much as I did from this interview

LVB Show

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