Interview with Sensei Devin Fernandez a visually impaired Martial Arts instructor

I had the pleasure to have on my LVB Show Sensei Devin Fernandez, a visually impaired Martial Arts instructor that teaches for FREE to the low vision and blind community in the Long Island, NY area.
He is also the Founder of Third Eye Insight (TEI), a martial arts center for people with low vision and blind individuals who didn’t have any place in Long Island to go to  learn martial arts and train.

Third Eye insight  is a physical fitness program for the visually impaired and the blind  where they learn martial arts, self defense, yoga and meditation.

He talks in the interview about many important things including self defense, why martial arts can help a visually impaired individual, the importance of the mind and many more issues…
You can listen to the interview below:

Third Eye Insight also organizes activities and events, indoors and outdoors to provide the visually impaired and blind people  with more self-confidence, and independence while making them feel part of a community, share their experiences, have a laugh, embrace life and just feel more happy with who they are.

I have to say I think this is a WONDERFUL idea and I told Sensei Devin I will visit him in the summer during my stay in NY.

Here is a great video of him and Third Eye Insight:

Some of the events they do include fundraising events,  rock climbing, museum tours designed for the visually impaired, skiing, sailing and so much more.
Visit Third Eye Insight Official website for more information about their martial arts classes and their events at:

One of the events they are organizing right now is descriebd here:
“Third Eye Insight is initiating the very first Train Safety workshop for the blind community on Long Island. If you are a railroad traveler it is very important for you to learn where to position yourself for personal safety, what to do if you accidentally fall onto the tracks, what the third rail can do to you and third rail safety, as well how to deal with pan handlers.”

“In order to make the best use of our time, the MTA would like to know what routes you travel and what challenges you experience on these routes. Prior to our workshop an MTA officer will visit these stations and take photos to asset the situation to be able to give us relevant information particular to these stations. If enough of us blind travelers speak up and demonstrate that there is a public need for greater safety for blind travelers, the officer will bring our concerns to his supervisor to ensure that change is made to support us in our safe travels.”

Hope you find this blog useful and empowering, Sensei Devin Fernandez and his organization are a living proof that being visually impaired is not the problem, only how you look at yourself might be…
Low Vision Bureau

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