Interview with unemployed visually impaired American guy

Jobs, jobs, jobs, that’s a word that doesn’t seem to be a kind word for us, visually impaired individuals and when

When I did the interview for my LVB

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Show that you are about to listen (with Shawn Klein, a visually impaired guy from Arizona now living in Kansas who is unemployed) I was not thinking it would touch this critical issue and I am very happy it did turned this way because I want on my LVB Show to raise awareness about the lack of employment in our community.

I heard from 3 different fellow low vision people that about a 70% of visually impaired and blind people are unemployed, yeah its awful!

Now we cant blame the economy, because this situation has been going on forever, its not new unfortunately BUT IT HAS TO CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!

The unemployment among Americans with low vision and blind is very high as it is in LatinAmerica, and everywhere else, many people everywhere are trying to find a decent paid job and show their skills and talents but seems that nobody is seeing them.
Obviously there is a lot to do to improve this matter but we have to do it together as a whole as a community…

Hopefully this interview will help spread the word about the need we have to be heard, to be taken seriously and to be given a chance like everybody else.

During this interview we also discuss dating, anxiety, family and everything else related to being visually impaired.

If you have any comment or thought about this interview, please leave a comment here or email me at
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