Job opportunities for the visually impaired

I am always asked
“How do I find a job if I am visually impaired? “ and usually my answer would be one full of positivism as that’s the way I feel that all is possible, but I didn’t have any real tips on how or where to find a job knowing we are visually impaired.
However when I interviewed for my LVB Show Reina Brown, a talented totally blind American woman who works from home and makes a living that way I learned the great opportunities the Internet offers to the blind in the job area.

You can listen to the whole interview I did with Reina just by clicking the link below:

I can tell you it was a very insightful, inspiring interview and she provides incredible information that will help you find a real job by working from home, its amazing and it works!

Below you can find the most relevant links she talks about during our powerful interview, please listen to the whole interview for more details.

JOB SITES FOR THE VISUALLY IMPAIRED AND BLIND: (For now, blind people can only work on fixed price jobs and will need either a captcha solving program or sighted help signing up.) (This is for US writers only.) (This is Text Broker’s site for writers outside the US.) (This site requires you to pay a monthly fee but is still good for findin awesome freelance jobs.) (Just like Guru, this site also requires a monthly fee. It is also a great place to find loads of quality work.)

And she is working on a PETITION to make all Google applications accessible for the totally blind and I signed her petition and so can you just by clicking below and sign her petition:
I hope you find this blog post and the interview very useful.

Low Vision Bureau

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