Low vision specialist tells all!

I have always wanted to interview a Low Vision Specialist on my LVB Show and thanks to The Prevention of Blindness Society Of Metropolitan DC:
that reached out for me and offered me the possibility to interview someone from their organization I was able to interview this amazing Dr.
Dr Lexi Malkin works in her main office in Washington, DC, and then also in Maryland, Virginia and Baltimore (Johns Hopkins).

You can listen to the interview by clicking below:

Dr Lexi tells me during this interview how Low Vision Specialists look at who is the patient that comes into their office, how are they functioning and what are their goals.

Dr Lexi talks also about her job and the many ways she and the organization where she works at can help low vision and blind people live a more richful and independent life.

We also discuss the kind of tests she runs with patients and what is the basic process that she utilizes to help every single patient, her job is personalized and focused on understanding their needs and goals and finding ways to achieve those goals if possible.

We also talk about specific devices to make our lives easier and help us see with more acuity.

Night blindness is something that affects me and many low vision people like me so we discuss this subject too.

I must say this interview was a total joyful experience listening to the expertise of Dr Lexi Malkin who gave us a very good explanation of the main things a Low Vision Specialist do.

If you want to get in touch with Dr Lexi Malkin, you can email her at:

Visit the organization where she works:
The Prevention of Blindness Society Of Metropolitan DC:

I want to THANK again The Prevention of Blindness Society Of Metropolitan DC:
for helping me do this interview that is extremely educational and insightful for the low vision, blind and sighted communities.

Low Vision Bureau

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