Mark Ramnauth a visually impaired disabilities advocate and much more…

I met Mark Ramnauth during my last trip to NY in the Summer/Fall 2012 thanks to a good friend of ours Ed Plumacher who introduced us.

We became friends and as we both and Ed are visually impaired and share the love for NYC among other things we hitted it off pretty quickly and the 3 of us had many meetings and had a wonderful time hanging out together.
To this day those memories are treasures to me because we have a bound that is POWERFUL!

So during my trip I asked Mark if I could interview him, he is a disabilities advocate, vocational rehabilitation expert, a businessman and much more so I wanted to interview him and luckily he said YES!
Mark Ramnauth is a very inspiring person, originally from Guyana, as he well points out during the interview, not many know that’s the only English speaking country in South American.
Mark is a living proof of the American Dream but will not spoil you the interview you just listen and enjoy!
Oh Mark has a form of Stargardt Disease and boy this hasn’t stop him from living his life to the fullest and HELPING OTHERS in the process making a difference in their lives.

Listen to the full interview here:!

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