Richard Faubion Regional Director of Development of The Foundation Fighting Blindness

Richard Faubion is the Regional Director of Development
Of The Foundation Fighting Blindness and in this interview we discuss the basics about FFB and what Richard Faubion does there.
Then we discussed why the iPhone is so useful for us all, visually impaired and blind.
First a clarification, we mentioned that AccessNote a paid app to help taking notes and share them on Dropbox is produced by the NFB but is not, is produced by the ACB (American Council of the blind).
App advice is a 1.99 dollars and allows you to search for apps in any category.
If you type “LOW VISION” you will find more than 50 apps for us people with low vision.
Another app we discussed was iBlink Radio a FREE app that contains a lot of Podcasts about low vision and blindness, by categories like audio tutorials and conferences and app reviews…
Some other of the Apps we discussed were TripIt and Trip Tracker which work as travel organizers tools, both are FREE.
We also talked about Siri (Virtual Assistant on iDevices), the Calendar app, the reminder app, the mail app, all of these 3 are Native apps that come with the iPhone.
We also talked about GPS Apps like AroundMe app a FREE app to help you know what is around you, Ariadne GPS that is about 6 dollars, is good but can be improved.
Also we discussed LookAround and Blindsquare, paid apps to help visually impaired and blind pedestrians with GPS.
More and more turn-by-turn directions GPS apps are being developed.
One great app for people that use the bus is GetOffNow that helps you know when to get off the bus, its totally FREE.
We also discussed text messaging, email and more…
There are magnifying glasses free and others very cheap to be able to read Menus in Restaurants and much more…

Listen to the interview here:

You can visit The Foundation Fighting Blindness website at:

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