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I studied years ago Hotel and Travel Management as a technical career and the world of travel agencies and travel in general has always been interesting to me, so when I found out about Cheryl Echevarria, a blind woman who had a full service travel agency in NY (Echevarria Travel), I thought, wow interviewing this woman for my LVB Show could be very interesting and indeed I decided to interview her.
The thing I didn’t expect was that she had many more things to tell our listeners beyond her travel agency.

Cheryl lives in Brentwood, NY.
Her travel agency serves everyone in the US and Canada and whether they are sighted or not, but she specializes in helping the visually impaired, blind and disabled in general, with everything they need when traveling somewhere, whether their trip is inside the US or to any country abroad, whether is by plane or is a cruise or anything else…

Cheryl Echevarria is also the Treasurer of the Greater Long Island Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind (NFB), a very well known organization in the United States.

Cheryl is also the Current President of the Travel and Tourism Division of the NFB, a member of the Diabetic Action Network, as well as member of NAGDU, which is the National Association of Guide Dog Users.

During the interview Cheryl Echevarria talks about her successful travel agency, how it helps the visually impaired and blind and how she loves what she does.

Also she talks about her work with the NFB and much more…

And among the subjects we touched one that was really amazing was how Disney Parks are helping us visually impaired and blind in many ways.

You can listen to the full interview here:

You can contact Cheryl Echevarria in many ways:

Phone Number: 631-456-5394
For daily updates read our blog at

Hope you find this interview very useful.


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