Maribel Steel, she may have little sight but she defenetely has FULL VISION!

When I met Online Maribel Steel we became friends instantly and that’s the kind of person she is.
Maribel Steel was born in the UK, with parents from England and Spain.
She has been living in Australia since she was 6 years old.
She also has in Spain, in Madrid many members of her family still.
Maribel has Retinitis Pigmentosa, also called, RP, which is a retinal degenerative eye disease which is the same eye disease I have.

Funny picture of Maribel Steel and her husband

Maribel is a book author, blog writer, singer, inspirational speaker and so much more…
I don’t want to give away too much of our interview so just click below to listen to our interview:

After you listen to the interview, read these wonderful points by Maribel:
The 9 qualities you need for coping with losing sight by Maribel Steel

1. Attitude is the key to accepting change in your life.

cultivate a positive attitude & be aware of the choices you are making

2. All your senses: hearing, touching, smelling are so important

It’s never too late to come to your other senses

3. Intuition is the inner vision within: you can trust intuition to make good decisions. Listen to your intuition and trust the guidance of the voice within

4. Courage to commit, courage to fail.

means we have to dare to persist when things ‘go wrong’ and to insist to find a solution.

5. Tenacity: helps you not to give up.

It is being resourceful, creative, solving problems

6. Humour (my favourite)

enroll humour to help you see the funny side, it is a gift we give to ourselves and to others.

7. Patience (Alvaro’s favourite!)

helps to deal with frustration, rest, take a break, gather strength.

8. Independent mobility

take small steps to retain your independence, do you need a guide dog or white cane, do you need to train in computer technology…

9. Support team

become the CEO of your life and gather a team of friends and family who want to know how best to help you. Asking is not a weakness, allows others to use their talents with yours to achieve your goals.

Remember, each one of us is blessed with natural talents, which ones are you willing to share with the world……. please leave your comments and let us know!

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Gateway to Blindness Blog:

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